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furniture building plans, bunk beds, and other multi-use furniture.  Our goal at Spacemaster Products is to make your experience quick, easy, convenient, and affordable.  We have included easy-to follow cutout instructions and patterns along with a unique assembly method that could revolutionize furniture and cabinet making.....                              

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"Our Flagship Product, The Most Versatile of All Our Units"

Check out our other furniture designs.  All offer special features that make them useable in numerous configurations.  The First Mate, Boson's Mate, Deckhand, Cornerama, and the beautiful Master's Suite are all models offering their unique features and are clearly detailed for easy construction.  Coming soon, we will be offering other models such as the Ultimate, Trundle, and the Panorama.   

Spacemaster Products is here to help you with  a variety of bunk bed plans and other  furniture fashioned from  wood.  Spacemaster Products is your internet home for the finest selection of do-it-yourself building projects for wooden furniture on the web.  Whether you're shopping for a guest room, children's sleeping furniture, or yourself, we can satisfy your needs.  Follow along easily with our step-by-step instructions that are clear enough even for the novice carpenter and amateur woodworker. 

Our furniture is designed to be sturdy yet fashionable for even the most discerning of tastes.  Our plans are also flexible enough allowing conversion or expansion as your family grows and changes its needs.  The little ones will be as safe with the sturdy guard rails but solid enough for even the biggest and heartiest mariners or landlubbers.

You can make your finished product as rich or as basic as you wish by choosing among a wide variety of woods available at your hardware store of choice.  By doing so you make your creation personally yours; so make it rich and royal with cherry or oak, or for a more natural feel try pine.    Still want to keep it down in price?  Try using unfinished wood and paint, paint, paint!   There are literally hundreds of variations such as the use of antiquing, decals, textures, coverings and cloth.  More choices might come from selecting hardware that matches the finish you choose.  Drawers can utilize decorative doorknobs as well as handles.  

Whatever choices you make, be assured your blueprints are the finest detailing with simplicity and clarity all you will need to make your creations come to life.  Please send any questions or comments to:

"4 in 1" Captain's Bunk

New "4 in 1" Bunk!

First Mate's Bunk 

Deckhand's Bunk 


Master's Suite
Double, Queen or King